Assessment in Higher Education

Thu May 23, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (-04)
TLC-Tutorial Room 2  

This workshop explores assessment in higher education. Traditional assessment strategies may not suffice in our present 21st century teaching/ learning environment. Assessment is now a multifaceted process linked to a course curriculum matrix and table of specification. It also involves the development of an assessment plan, an assessment matrix and feedback table, all of these linked to the curriculum matrix. Assessment also involves constructive alignment (Biggs and Tang, 2007) where learning and assessment are linked to learning outcomes.

This workshop is intended to initiate deep conversations among colleagues about the demands of assessment, the need for effective planning and collaboration among colleagues in departments/faculties in the development of student assessments. It will broaden your perspectives about assessment in higher education and demonstrate how effective planning for assessment can positively impact your practice and students’ learning.

Topics include:
 The Purpose of Assessment
 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning
 What are the Benefits of Assessments?
 What is an assessment plan?
 How do I create an assessment plan?
 Constructive Alignment
 How do I align the course outcomes to the assessments?

Mr. Henry Paul

TLC-Tutorial Room 2
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