Using Video for Pair/Group Assessments - (Virtual Workshop Series part 3)

Thu Jun 13, 1:00 - 2:30 PM (-04)
Virtual Learning  

With technological advancements, 21st century assessments have become much more flexible, creative and engaging. Moving beyond the traditional paper-based assessments, the emergence of various technologies have allowed learners to become more immersed, hands-on and collaborative in the learning process. The integration of videos for collaborative assignments not only creates a more creative and authentic approach to teaching, learning and assessment, but it equips the learner with a variety of soft and technical skills for the wider world of work, the professional arena (Agarwal & Ahuja, 2014). This workshop will provide an orientation to the integration of user-friendly technologies for video and pair/group assessments.

Link to the virtual workshop will be provided upon registration.

Topics include:

 Types of Assessments
 Understanding Pair/Group Assessments
 Integrating 21 Century Media to Group Assessments
 Designing Video Assessments

Mr. Justin Zephyrine

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