Harvesting Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Higher Education

Wed Jul 17, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (-04)
Virtual Learning  

This workshop focuses on the harvesting and use of OERs in higher education. Related the use of Creative Commons as against the traditional Copyright approach, OERs have continued to gain increasing popularity in higher education as a principal mechanism for decreasing the cost of textbooks and other educational resources used by both lecturers and students. This workshop is intended to introduce lecturers to the range of sources of these artifacts including textbooks, online courses, pictures, simulations etc. Also included are an array of MOOC courses and subject content offered by universities for use world-wide on the Creative Commons licence.

This workshop is also intended to allow for lecturers to explore these reservoirs of free resources and to begin the process of building their own data-base of such course materials and resources for utilization in teaching.

Topics include:

What are OERs and OCWs

Why are OERs and OCWs important in Higher Education

How are OERs aligned to Creative Commons or Copyright

Mr. Henry Paul

Faculty Development Specialist
Virtual Learning
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