Creating Ted Ed Video Lessons

Thu Oct 31, 1:00 - 4:30 PM (-04)
CETL-Technology Lab  

With technology use increasing and attention spans decreasing, interactive video lessons make it easier than ever to get and keep your students’ attention, and increase engagement (Benkada & Moccozet, 2017). Interactive video lessons provide an avenue through which you and your students can engage in more hands-on/active learning, project-based learning, reflective learning, collaborative, and/or self-paced learning, without increasing cognitive load on students (Mayer, 1996; Schwan & Riempp, 2004). With an emphasis on Ted Ed, this workshop will provide you with a hands-on experience in creating interactive video lessons and orient you to the ways in which they can be used to improve student engagement and retention in 21st century teaching and learning.

Learning Objectives (Upon completion of this session, you will be able to):

  1. Identify the benefits of interactive video lessons
  2. Compare interactive versus traditional video lessons
  3. Create engaging video lessons using Ted Ed
  4. Design learning activities that incorporate Ted Ed interactive video lessons

Topics Include:
• What Are Interactive Video Lessons
• The Benefits of Interactive Video Lessons
• Traditional Versus Contemporary Video Lessons
• What is a TedEd Video Lesson?
• Creating Interactive Video Lessons Using Ted Ed
• How can Ted Ed Interactive Video Lessons be used in course delivery?

Mr. Justin Zephyrine

eLearning Support Specialist
CETL-Technology Lab
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