The UWI Faculty Café

Wed Nov 30, 1:00 - 2:30 PM (-04)
TLC - PostGraduate Lounge  
The UWI Faculty Café

As a way of addressing multiple pathways of faculty development, the UWISTA Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning introduces a new format of capacity-building. This Face-to-Face (F2F) unconference takes place once every semester with the aim of fostering a teaching and learning community. In this regard, the CETL in collaboration with faculty will host its second "The UWI Faculty Café" on Wednesday 30th November 2022 (F2F).

This faculty-led event focuses on allowing faculty to share and reflect on the various instructional tools, strategies and or approaches used in the physical and online classroom.


Format of Event

In 20 minutes or less, presenters (faculty) will share in a small 5–6-person group (table), how they use instructional tools, strategies and or approaches in their classroom. Attendees will be able to choose a presentation of interest and have the opportunity to join other presentations throughout the event. A rotation of the group (attendees) will take place after each presentation.

Format of Presentation

·        Introduction - 5 mins

·        Demonstration/Simulation - 10 min

·        Reflection & Question & Answer - 5 mins

Presentation Topics:

·        What's Trending In Crime (WTIC)

The session showcases how WTIC is used to facilitate reading as well as local, regional and international research on contemporary and traditional crimes.

·        Escape Rooms as a strategy for independent study

Studying for exams doesn't need to be tedious or stressing, but it can be fun! Learn how escape rooms are used to encourage students to engage in independent study.

·        Interactive Video

Get a first-hand experience into creating interactive video experiences. The presentation focuses on the use of myeLearning and YouTube-hosted videos to improve student engagement, clarify application context, and provide remedial support.

·        The Weekly Spotlight Feature

The session will focus on the origin of the tool, how I have used the tool, students' feedback on the tool, as well as a discussion on how the tool can be use in physical and online settings.

·        Sharepoint as a Companion to Teaching

·        Microsoft Teams: A Companion to My eLearning

Introduction to teams, creating your Teams Site to support your course on My eLearning, inviting your students to your teams site. Teams channels for managing group conversations. Sharing of files on the teams site. Linking to files in Teams from My eLearning.

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Dr. Justin Zephyrine

eLearning Support Specialist

Dr. Leroy Hill

Director, The CETL, The UWI.

Mr. Javed Mohammed

eLearning Support Specialist, The CETL, The UWI.
TLC - PostGraduate Lounge
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